Bulge boosting undies

Mens Enhancing Underwear Guide

While women have had enhancing underwear for years, it is only in the last decade that mens underwear has finally caught up and has now in many ways surpassed what womens have with everything from bum enhancing, package enhancing and waist reducing underwear readily available to you.

Produced by some of the biggest names in mens underwear including Andrew Christian, WildmanT, 2xist and Calvin Klein, just like we are all different in shape and sizes, each of these brands acheive their magic in slightly different ways which we will be looking at in this article.

bum enhancing underwearThe first style we’re going to be looking at is bum enhancing underwear and one of the best examples of how this can be done is via Andrew Christian’s underwear with it’s Flashback underwear. Designed to give it’s male wearer a gorgeous bubble butt, this is cleverly all achieved through seaming of the underwear that lifts and contours your bum cheeks up. The clever styling of this underwear means no one is ever going to guess that there is any trickery going on if they were to squeeze that butt, however you are going to have to do a whole lot of clenching if they catch you out of them. The additional bonus of this Andrew Christian design is that this is enhancing underwear that feels comfortable thanks to the breatheable fabric choices.

The next option to look at is package enhancing underwear. Designed to give lift your crown jewels up and out to give a boost to it’s size, this is definitely a far more comfortable option than using a penis pump (yes some men do) and lasts a while lot longer…. well unless you’re keen on continuing having to pop out to pump things up a little more. It is also a style that has a whole lot more variation in how designers decided to do it than with bottom enhancing underwear which we are going to break down now.

cin2 package enhancing underwearThe first to look at is using a sling, something that C-in2 have become well known for with their Core Sling Support. Worn by wrapping the strap around your scrotum and the penis base, this benefits from being adjustable to give you the amount of lift that you want, but can feel somewhat restrictive if you’re not warn it before. We also advice you go gentle with yourself to start with otherwise you could end up doing yourself some damage or at the very least feeling pretty uncomfortable..

An alternative to the sling that a lot of men find more comfortable is using a cup, something that is key to the styling of the Andrew Christian Shock Jock underwear. Designed to fit inside the pouch of your underwear, this allows your bits to hang free, but pushes them slightly forward to give the look of a bigger bulge – as much as 2 inches if you believe Andrew Christian’s advertising. The other bonus with this kind of style of underwear is that the cup is often removable meaning that should it all get a bit too uncomfortable then you can whip out the cup… though Andrew Christian does also advertise it as being an additional defence against zipper injury so maybe you’ll want to keep it in!

andrew christian crotch enhancing underwearFinally the most basic type of crotch enhancing underwear in styling can be seen by how brands like Obviously for Men, Joe Snyder and Ergowear do it. Dispensing with the use of an external bit of design like slings or cups, the focus in this case is all on the styling and cut of the fabric. Designed with super contoured pouches that are able to lift your bits up and out with no additional technology required these can be a lot more comfortable to wear, but it can mean the amount of enhancement isn’t as much as with the cup for example.

And that’s about it with male enhancement underwear. The actual ways it works are pretty simple, but the results can be very impressive so while you’re here why not have a browse through the rest of the site where we go indepth about a range of these styles, review what the brands have on offer and even indulge in a bit of celebrity inspired gossip over in our news section.